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I'm so glad you're here

"Beauty scatters the seeds of hope

in all of us"

- sister joan chittister - 

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tea towels


a new offering in a
great price point

p h i l o s o p h y

I believe in the idea that if we seek the beautiful in our today, it can foster hope, and this in turn can allow us to live meaningfully. This is the essence of my creativity and what I try to offer here either in the art I create, the products I curate, or the spaces and activities I design.


about me

Creative | Author | Curator of pretty things

I kind of consider myself a Jack of all trades. I've always been wrapped up in some kind of creative endeavor. Even at a young age I was making coin barrettes with my glue gun and selling flowers to my neighbors. It shouldn't have come as a surprise as I got older that I found myself lost without something to make. But as I've aged and grown my craft, I've learned that my creativity is steeped in something much deeper.

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c u r a t e

to carefully choose the right assortment of objects

Twice a year I launch two collections. Designed to provide you with an eclectic grouping of my own art and beautiful things I have sourced to compliment what I have to offer. And you will always find that they are centered around you, your home, and a way to live meaningfully. 

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Gifts & Textiles

Find unique and carefully selected items in a variety of price points for your home or to share with someone you love

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Original Artwork

From abstracts to florals, shop my collection of paintings and graphics perfect for your walls.


Unlock the Power to Feed Your Soul is based on a concept I discovered in my personal journey. An idea that maybe we are wired for something so deep in our beings that we need to unearth it and nourish it in order to feel meaning, contentment, and purpose. It's such a simple idea with powerful returns that promise to refresh, recharge and literally light you up. 


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for you.

get your digital wallpaper

h o m e

You will find a focus here on home and self with an emphasis on restoration, calm, and simple but beautiful things. I believe our homes serve a valuable space in our lives. We spend so much of our time in them and it should be a place of comfort, a haven, a place to restore one's soul. 

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making home

I share ways I seek to make home a haven - from decor, to letting go of perfection, to things that inspire me from my travels.


simple living

Life is too short to be complicated. You will find ways to define and live out this principle.

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