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An Accidental Artist

I live my days selling chicken for the best brand around and bringing up my babes – who are no longer little. As a deeply relational person and strategic in nature, I fell into photography, painting and storytelling on my on whim – to break away from the stresses of the everyday. 


Art for me takes on many forms and as a child I remember feeling like I was a jack of all trades – not an expert at one thing just decent enough at a lot. I saw this as a negative, something that was inherently wrong with me. As an adult I find myself seeing the value in just how connected all these pieces are to each other – one not really being truly independent of the other – and I believe this is a unique gift that God has given.


Whether it is through words, a photograph, a painting or a curated display there is a story. One that hopefully evokes a feeling. Texture that moves. Words that find and connect. A scene that awakens the soul. My desire is to stimulate emotional senses, unearthing innate feelings, creating desire for more – for beauty, calm, personal betterment. My work in many ways is a raw expression of my own story. It’s my vulnerability alive and open. 


My desire in sharing my art is that others will find it to be a place where they can connect with positive human emotion. I pray that it evokes thought, beauty and even hope in those who are willing to receive it.