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I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. Mentoring is strictly a tool for you to use.

As a wife, mother, and business professional, I have had the blessing of many mentors in my life. Each interaction served a valuable purpose in not just making me better but in taking steps towards goals I had for myself. 


This year, when I asked myself how I wanted to give back, mentoring was heavy on my heart. So, I’ve decided I’d love to give back in this way to a few people this year. We all need and look for mentors for various things and needs in our lives, so if this is something you have been looking for you might be interested in partnering with me if:


  • You are a young momma with littles trying to incorporate a little more balance and joy into your life during a season that is challenging and many times lonely.

  • You are a young professional just starting your career and trying to navigate all the unknown.

  • You are a woman who is looking to or you are re-entering the workforce. 

  • You are a woman wanting to start your own business but just don't know how or if it is really for you.

  • You are a woman who is looking to incorporate more soul care into your life but just don’t know how and would like someone to walk alongside you to help.


If one of these situations sounds like you and I have piqued your interest, see below for more details. 


Mentorship Details:

Mentorship is a 6-month commitment starting in February with 1:1 45-minute video conference sessions once a month

- Mentorship commitment: February - July

- Application Deadline: January 31, 2022

- Cost: $25  


Participants will need to prepare to commit to the pre-work (it's not a ton) and times set each month (this means, if you don’t think you can commit, then don’t apply). But we will work through these details to make sure it works with both of our schedules. The cost covers my expenses. I personally do not financially benefit from this partnership.

Please click below to sign up for updates on when the application process opens.

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