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A Recipe for Transformative Self-Care


When I awoke on my 41st birthday, my unhappiness was at an all-time high. This was ironic because from the outside it would appear that I had everything that should make a girl happy and yet, I felt incredibly stuck. Not only was I frustrated and saddened by this revelation, I was ashamed of it as well. Wasn’t life supposed to feel more beautiful than this? I was living a life that was well beyond what I had dreamt of and yet, here I was screaming on the inside, discontent, and honestly worn out.


But what I discovered was that all the massages, exercise and Scripture reading in the world weren’t going to cure my woes, because in the whole entirety of those 41 years I had never considered what was actually feeding my soul. And believe it or not, the power of intentional, soul care was the missing piece.


In my book, I share my vulnerable journey. It’s intended to inspire and ignite your own fire around what soul care could mean for you. This book is not a “how-to” because what works for me may not work for you. It is written more as a guide with:

  • stories from other women 

  • ideas for discovering your own soul care practices

  • tools and assessments 

  • things that can get in the way

  • and practical tips for feeding your soul 

It's such a simple idea with powerful returns that promise to refresh, recharge and literally light you up. 

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“I so needed to read this book. The fresh perspective on self-care opened my eyes to a deeper way  to connect with myself and get  some much-needed rejuvenation.”  


"I loved the book!   I loved the subject and the concept of feeding my soul. Alison presents a very real honesty in her journey which inspired me. This is a very on-point message for me at this season of my life."       

Dee Ann

"Fantastic! I. couldn’t. stop. reading!!   This book is brilliant. It’s the book I needed at 40 and eventually figured it out by the time was 50. I loved it!”


bulk orders

bulk orders

For those putting together book clubs, Bible Studies, women's retreats or buying for your business, bulk orders can be made at a discounted rate. If you are planning to order 15 or more books at one time please contact us for a price quote that includes a discounted rate on the books as well as a customized shipping rate.


Estimated production and shipping costs should be taken into consideration. We encourage you to allow for up to three weeks print and shipping for larger quantities of books.


Bulk quotes include our journals and the workbook. Please email with the product(s) you are interested in purchasing in bulk, number of each, and the address you plan to have them shipped to.

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