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Picking exterior colors for a home seems trivial giving what is going on around us and I honestly am only sharing these things because it's nice to focus on something else right now. But if you enjoy this type of thing I need your help.

I've never picked exterior colors before that were different than what currently existed. I don't hate the color combo on our home but we want to do something different. So here are a few ideas we have pulled...

I like this color - and if you know me I like this color a lot - so much so that I sometimes wonder if my family is sick of it. I also love the bright white trim - it really pops against this color.

I fell in love with this dark, navy, little bungalow with the white trim and light gray used on the window sashes. What do you think?

Here is another lighter color - a light, sea foam color and I love that front door. Doug isn't a big fan of this one, though.

And here is another navy - seeing a theme? We actually love that the trim and sashes are a bright white and really pop. It's not traditionally what is done on a 1920's craftsman (usually its a three color combo with the window sashes being a different color than the trim)

I love this pink door - could be fun against the navy but Doug vetoed.

He loves this combo with the navy siding, white trim and red door.

and I love this color red - the one above is a little too orange for me.

So what do you think? Dark Navy or green/light sea foam color? Do we go off tradition and paint those fantastic window sashes the same white as the trim? And what do you think about the door color? Leave your comments below and if you want to check out my pinterest page on ideas I'm saving for the home follow here.

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