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A house is more than a building... it is a home

Ya'll, I was overwhelmed with how many of you shared your beautiful homes with me to consider painting for my little project. With every submission it felt special - like you were entrusting something to me.

What I realized while receiving picture after picture from friends was that these structures mean so much more than the buildings that were staring back at me. Beautiful and unique in their own way - they represented people that I love and care about.

Leave it to me to find meaning in reviewing your homes - which honestly made it hard to choose.

But I did, and here they are:

This first home is from my friend, Sarah. Sarah and I grew up together and honestly haven't seen each other in YEARS! But as soon as I saw her home, I recognized it. Not because I have visited her there but because it was on a historical street in my hometown of Atmore, Alabama. I remember driving by as a child and I immediately felt drawn to it.

I also loved that front door and while those awnings gave me a little pause (can I make that look right?), I definitely wanted to give this one a try.

The second home is from a friend of mine who played a significant role in my Charlotte and Douglass's lives when we attended First United Methodist Church in Douglasville, Georgia. Ms. Leah - as we called her - was our children's minister, and while we have both moved from that area I was so thrilled that she would share her home.

But this place, well, it made my heart go pitter-patter. I don't know how I'll accurately depict the ivy over the front door - but I can't wait to try.

And the last home I picked is from my friend, Nikki. We work together and I'm just a few years ahead of her with kiddos. She has the sweetest two little girls and they recently sold this home (where she brought those babies home) to a new one. She wanted to have the memory of this place.

The move is still pretty fresh and I can totally identify with the feelings you have of your first place with the kids. It's pretty special... not to mention, I love the creamy yellow and the angles on her front elevation.

I truly wish I could have taken on every submission sent to me. You may have guessed it, but the reason for this exercise is to see if can I do this again and with a different style, color, etc? The other is to determine how much time this takes. I've had several requests to do this for hire - but before I can confidently take that on I need to understand these things.

And plus, it's just fun. Stay tuned for the results. I'll be sharing as I complete each project.

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