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a little house tour

Like any 1920 craftsman bungalow our new little place boasts a large front porch and a lot of the characteristics you would expect from this era's architecture. I've always loved a craftsman and a good porch, but as we have lived in a smaller home I've grown to really appreciate the value of outdoor spaces.

Our little bungalow is in the small, urban neighborhood of Candler Park. It neighbors Inman Park where we are currently living. What I love about all these little communities is they have these neighborhood signs that are posted on almost all of the porches. For me, it shows solidarity and pride for the community and I have to admit, I'm glad I get my own. ;)

As you walk in the front door you will land on this living space. You can see here that it opens up into the dining room - with those traditional pocket doors peeking out. The rooms are all painted different colors - so we plan to paint and brighten the place up a bit and create some continuity between the spaces. I'm a sucker for windows and this home has a plethora of great ones. I love the detail.

You can also see a lot traditional details here - the moldings you generally find in these old homes, the stain glass above the doorway from the study into the living room, and one of the four fireplaces in the home. The cabinet shown also looks like it is original to the home. It is right off the dining room so I'll most likely display dishes I don't "use" here.

The dining room is right off the kitchen - with yet another fire place. We aren't really sure what this cabinet thing is in the walkway but we will be removing that and painting all the dark trim to match the rest of the house.

This room is dark but you can see many of the classic details you would expect from a craftsman bungalow here. This is the view from the kitchen doorway through to the front door.

I plan to brighten up the space with paint and we will change out the light fixture. It barely puts off any light. Longterm we will most likely add can lights throughout the downstairs living spaced to help add more light (there actually isn't one light fixture in the study on the other side of the living room which is so strange).

I am a sucker for exposed brick. I loved that they kept it that way. I am not a fan of this kitchen, tho, but I can see the potential. I've struggled to understand why they would put a modern look in such a historic and classic style home - to each his own. I do plan to use the existing layout which will save on cost but we will have to put this project on hold as good ole rona has us conserving cash at the moment.

Right off the kitchen is the laundry room and a door out to the backyard. Now, if you are in the burbs you are like - that's pretty great. If you live in the city you know that a backyard like this is hard to come by. It was such a huge selling point. It needs a lot of work but it feels like a private little oasis and I can already envision the fire pit area with Adirondack chairs right there in the middle. Can you see it?

This is from the fence looking at the back of the house. Through the gate is our off-street parking - which is an absolute must in the city.

I will say, I have never been much of a yard person, but this back yard makes me want to start. Who knows, maybe it is being confined to my home during this pandemic, but I'm looking forward to planting and gardening and the kids want to grow a few veggies. Don't tell Doug but I'd love to compost at some point as well.

Upstairs boasts a large flex space with several spacious closets (which are definitely hard to come by in these older homes). I love the windows in here and I think we all were taken with a comfy spot we can hang, watch movies and have friends over. Doug and I have had to continue to remind ourselves that this home will eventually house four grown adults as the kids will most likely graduate from high school in this house. It's a sobering thought but we know they won't stay little forever. Nor do we want them to - but I can see them hanging with their friends here. Good memories ahead for sure.

The master is upstairs and while it needs new paint and some brightening up I love some of the details. Again, exposed brick from the fireplace downstairs, the detail in the gable (see pic at right) and this great clawfoot tub (that is much bigger than it actually looks). And yes, that is exposed brick again in the master bath. The bathroom will be another job we do at a later date but it has good bones and Doug is excited about the large shower (that you cannot see here).

And there you have it - a little house tour. Stay tuned for updates as we take on various projects around the house. I'll be sharing inspiration and also getting your feedback (need help with exterior colors ASAP).

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