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A painted house and a request

We are still waiting on the final result of our actual home - I'm longing to see the finished product. But there was a bit more wood rot than expected and so after more replacement (and more cash) we hope to see our home painted by the end of the week.

I'm not a patient person - and my mom's best friend (who has been helping me with paint colors) suggested this - that I paint the house in the new color scheme. So I sketched our little cottage this weekend and tried to mimic the new colors.

I've also been inspired by all the renovation shows on HGTV I've been watching lately. Erin from Home Town in Laurel, MS, always gifts her new homeowners a painting of their "new" home - so I kind of wanted to do the same.

Creating a watercolor of our home is a new territory for me. I've never done this before and I was a little nervous - but I'm trying to hold new projects loosely these days and not let fear keep me from trying.

Here is a picture of the initial sketch. I realized early on that I needed a ruler or straight edge. I also was very grateful for a pencil and eraser - the eraser got more action than I'd like to admit.

I'm still learning how to mix colors and I was really unsure of how to incorporate the white but I was generally happy with the colors and they are pretty close if you ask me.

Ya'll this was really fun and this is where you come into play. I'd love some more practice and I'm looking for a few homes as inspiration. So... would you like to submit your own home for a possible "commission" at basically no cost to you? I'm thinking of taking on 3-5 projects.

If you are interested please message me at The only thing you have to provide is a photo of your home (front elevation), cover the cost of the shipping (when it is done if you want it), and you can have your own, personalized painting. Since this is a little bit like a giveaway - I'll randomly choose several "commissions" to take (so if I get a lot, just know I won't be taking all of them).

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