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A shift... note on growth... and leaning into something new

This little corner of the world is a fun place for me. It allows me to express myself, enjoy my passions, and serve other people. I probably dedicate way too much energy to it, but I dream about what it could be a lot.

I'm going to be honest though, I've been doing a lot of soul searching about this little brand of mine. It might sound silly, but in a way I feel like I've been “finding myself." And in that finding I wound up getting challenged through an artist collective I joined last year to determine my highest work.

When this question was first posed to me I was like, what? And then she explained herself - you can know your highest work by what people ask you for (and buy). Now, ya'll know that this expands beyond the physical for me, but I realized something that I've been avoiding - because you ask me for it all the time - a focus on home (design and interiors to be more specific).

This set me out on a quest. How do I bring this all together - my painting, my home projects, these ideas around soul care? I've been dreaming about offering creative gatherings and I've wanted to dip my toe into retail for years. Additionally, I don't just like to paint images, I'm learning I like to paint objects too. And honestly, it just felt like a whole lotta stuff that felt unrelated to each other.

So I did what I do best - I pulled up. I started looking across the landscape of all of these pieces and in God's beautiful way - He started to show me the connectivity. He pointed me back to my dreams - where I've had vision. It's fun to dream, isn't it? And sometimes it is scary because it can be hard to know what to do next.

So I asked, what do all these things have in common in what I would offer? It came to me in one word - curate:

- a beautifully curated space

- a wonderfully curated gathering around restoration and creativity

- a retreat that is a curation of activities that feeds and restores the soul

- a curated collection of my art and other things that fosters this ethos around beauty, hope, and joy.

And I thought, what if my brand can expand to offering you more than just a beautiful painting? What if I can use my eye for design to give you a more curated experience that fosters meaning and joy in your daily life?

This may be nothing you are looking for - there is a lot of noise out there after all. You can buy anything from anywhere at just about any price. But here is the thing, I don't want to just sell you things. I want to offer you an experience - one that feels beautiful, restorative, and full of care just for you.

To curate means to carefully choose the right assortment of objects. That's really what all of the above is, isn't it? Its a curation with meaning.

And why does this matter? Because I find that most women don't do this enough. We desire it, yearn for it, know that we need it, and then feel guilty if we do it. I want this to be a space that gives you permission to just soak it all in because at the end of the day it not only makes you feel better, it also makes you better. When our tank is empty, we aren't able to give of ourselves fully. My hope is that what you find here helps you fill that tank.

So where do these dreams become reality. I can't start them all at once but I'm starting with my Spring collection. My goal is to launch two collections a year. Designed to provide you with an eclectic grouping of my own art and beautiful things I have sourced to compliment what I have to offer. And you will always find that they are centered around you, your home, and a way to live meaningfully.

So mark your calendars for March 5th. I can't wait to share all this goodness with you (and if you want to shop early, sign up for my email list. Subscribers always get to shop first. Quantities will be very limited).

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