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a great transitional throw pillow

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The simplicity of our front porch is the best in the fall. We will sit out here for hours with neighbors and friends having a cocktail and watching football. We also love to decorate for the holidays and the season for us seems to start in October and runs all the way through the end of year.

When we moved to this house several years ago I wanted to get a transitional pillow that I could use with Halloween decor but could also work well into November - shifting to more of a harvest vibe. Given the colors of our house I didn't want to go with black or brown so orange seemed the right choice for this project.

So I took to scouring Amazon as I also didn't want to spend a fortune. I found these great block, plaid covers that came 2 covers to a pack and for less than $11 a set. They have worked perfectly and look great with the other accent pillows I have here.

The great thing is on November 1st, we pack away the two halloween pillows and the plaid stays up with my blue patterned ones until December (oh and I might add, the covers come in a variety of colors. Red being one of them, so the orange covers come off and the red ones go on to change with the season).


- Orange block, plaid pillow cover (I purchased the 18x18 size)

- Pillow Inserts (set of four)


Buy your pillow inserts on size bigger to get nice, full pillows where the covers don't look limp or saggy.

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