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and it's done (well, the outside anyway)

Come on in... at least that's what I feel like my front porch is saying with my absolute fave part - that yellow front door. And if I'm honest, I'd rush you right now if you came to see me and hug the heck out of you!!! Man, I miss people!

We are so thrilled with the results of the exterior of our little 1920 bungalow. I never thought I would have a navy house with a yellow door, but I LOVE it! Picking exterior colors is scary (and an expensive mistake). I'm grateful for all the help (and my hubby's suggestion to go yellow on the door) but this really was fun!

Some people may remember my inspirational images from this post - but taking the front steps in this direction had me a little nervous. I trusted my gut to not go dark and I'm so glad that I did. Honestly, it feels like the stairs are drawing you up to the door. Can't wait to get some furniture and planters set out here.

Many of you may remember my decision around the trim. If you are 1920 bungalow purest you know I broke the rules. Generally the inside panes of the windows (called window sashes) are generally a third color - so not matching the siding, trim or door color but coordinating. So my going all white on both the trim and sashes wouldn't pass a historical society's requirements (oh well and thankfully I don't live in a historic district).

You will also notice the ceiling is blue like the sky - which is pretty traditional on these southern bungalows. Gotta keep those evil spirits outs - or keep the bugs away - whichever folklore tickles your fancy.

My husband can't wait to get his hands on this back yard and we can't wait to host parties out on this back porch, create a fire pit area and just enjoy this space.

And I've wrestled with the color of this back door - but I'm planning to keep it for now. The longer I see it the more it grows on me (but stay tuned. You just never know).

Thanks for all the well wishes. We still aren't done and are close to a move in date, but everyone has been so excited for us and it means so much.

Gosh, I can't wait to move in and more than anything, I can't wait to invite people into my home and get (and give) as many hugs as I can..

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