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back deck project

When we bought the house almost two years ago, we were thrilled about our backyard space. BUT with budget needed elsewhere, we knew we would have to wait to get her all set up. You may remember, when we left our previous home we sold just about everything. We kept only the pieces we really wanted and stored a few while we rented. This meant if I didn't love it, I let it go. Which also meant, we didn't have as much when we came into this new space.

I still wanted to do this on a budget, so I planned out what I thought I needed and we went from there. We already had the couch and chairs from our previous home, but the cushion desperately needed replacing. We inherited the high top table and chairs from the previous owners and we knew we wanted to do something with our fire-pit space. We have additional plans out here - but this project got us to a place where we could really utilize the backyard more and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.


The biggest commitment that I made to myself was to set a budget and stick to it. The budget wasn't very large - so I opted to find pieces on resale shops or spruce up what I already had. Facebook Marketplace wound up being one of the best places for me to shop and I'm excited to share that I stayed under my budget (I share a few tips on how to do this in my free guide found here).

Enjoy a few photos and sources below:

We set up the porch like a living room. We have a tv stand on the other side of the furniture - which is great for ballgames or Sunday evening golf watching while we sip a cocktail and grill out.


- Couch, chairs, and high-top table (either already had or inherited in the move). We did spruce up the black furniture (which was looking pretty worn after having it for a few years) with Rustoleum Matte Black Spray Paint. I think it took 3 cans to cover the furniture well.

- Cushions for couch are from Wayfair. You can find them here. We went with the beige color

- Throw pillows were designed by me specifically for this space and we love them. You can purchase them here .

- Coffee table was purchased on Facebook Marketplace for $50

- Adirondack Chairs were purchased off of Facebook Marketplace for $80. I cleaned them up and restained them.

- Jute rug is from Ballard - but I don't recommend for outdoor use (especially in the South). It won't hold up. I had it in my dining room for years and moved it outside just to see since we knew we were replacing it.

- The lanterns on the coffee table I purchased at Dirt Cheap years ago

- cute mug is from The Merchant in Inman Park (at Krog)

And if you are intimidated by Facebook Marketplace or want a place to start, check out my 5 Tp Tips for Sourcing Facebook Marketplace Finds.

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