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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Well, sort of...

I've had a long love affair with both containers and glass. Whether a vase, planter, or bottle made to hold, I love containers. But there is something beautiful about glass and you can ask my husband, I'll buy a bottle of liquor or wine just for the shape of the bottle and pretty label.

I also love things that were either loved before or held another purpose. So when we went through several beautiful liquor bottles, I decided to start saving them.

And then last year, I found these beautiful rosy vases and I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a few and started painting them.

This glass collection was born out of all these things. Many of the bottles repurposed from bourbon bottles that we have used over time. The cleaning process is not easy as the adhesive is hard to remove from all the labels, but with a little cleaning these vessels take on a life of their own.

You will see some grace simple, metallic designs... and some I left undone (because the bottle was honestly too beautiful and needed no additional enhancements - like this one above). They make lovely gifts both for the holidays and other festive occassions.

The collection is very limited and many are one of a kind (meaning, I don't have another bottle available like it). Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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