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choosing more paint colors

Interior paint starts next week and now I have to get serious about selecting colors. Now, I like color, but I find it is much easier to institute color when the walls are neutral. I'm loving all the white lately. So here are some of the options I'm considering...

#1 (above): This first one has a very subtle contrast from the wall to the molding with the trim being a bit lighter than the wall.

#2: Here the whites are a little less warm - definitely more gray. I like this but my floors are a warm wood - so this could feel too white. Thoughts?

#3: Here it looks like the wall and trim are the same with warm floors - its definitely open and airy - which I love.There is a lot less contrast between the wall and trim which I'm unsure about.

#4: Here, the walls look whiter than the trim - with the trim taking on a little more gray but both are "white paint." It is very subtle but I like the contrast.

#5: And there is something I love about that creamy cabinet color against the white ceiling - I could definitely see that creamy color on the wall.

Here's an example of the living room (I plan to paint the fireplace as well (but may leave the mantle wood). The dining room and the front den will also get the same color treatment since all these rooms kind of bleed into on another. I want the color to be cohesive.

So what do you think? Which one is your favorite?

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