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Creating space to be inspired

I find that during hard times or even strange ones like the one we are in - where schedules are off, routines are undone and it can even be difficult to know what day it is - it can be hard to find inspiration or even have a desire to create space for it. But doing it, finding it - it may just be the thing needed to spark some creativity or even nourish your soul.

I personally love to be inspired - which is why I think I enjoy traveling (when we aren't on lockdown), exploring new places, or trying new dishes. And in this new season I'm finding myself yearning for experiences. So here are a few things I've been doing lately to spark inspiration:

1. I purchased a magazine

But not just any old magazine. One that had intrigued me during my last visit to the hairdresser. Everything about Kinfolk had me oohing and awing - the photography, the layout, the storytelling. So I purchased a copy recently and every time I pick it up I get that little stirring in my soul.

2. Plan to rewatch a series

But not just any series. Chef's Table is so beautifully done I get butterflies just thinking about it. I devoured it when it first came out and they can't seem to produce enough shows to satiate me. The storytelling is incredible and the cinematography breathtaking - I can't say enough about this series. It is inspires me every single time and I plan to rewatch it in the coming weeks.

3. Improve a new skill

I've headed to Pinterest for a lot of inspiration lately for our house "remodel" but I've also found some great watercolor tutorials there too. Like this one is from Leah Bisch Studio. Dare I say I want to be her when I grow up. Her site is even stunning to walk through.

4. Purchased some flowers

This may come as a surprise (or maybe it doesn't given my obsession) but buying a bouquet of flowers generally leaves me inspired. Every day they look different. At different times of day they can take on a different hue with the way the light hits them. They can close up and then reopen. And they just flat out make me happy.

So if you are feeling a bit antsy and in the need of "experiences" hopefully this little list will help bring a little of that stirring inspiration back to your soul.

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