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Episode 3: Soul vs Ego

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Today we are talking about a concept I learned while walking through this journey of soul care. We are talking about the soul and ego and how they work together (or don't). I learned that many times my ego is getting in the way of my soul care (and honestly, a lot of areas in my life). When my ego is in overdrive I find that more often than not, my peace is disrupted. Recognizing this is going on has not only be helpful for my soul care practices, but it has helped my ability to have better peace and contentment in my life.

Take a listen as I talk about this from a foundational perspective, give you some definitions, and share a story about how this showed up in my life specifically related to my soul care practices.

And drop a comment below... Have you ever considered how your ego may be getting in the way of your self or soul care?

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