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Harbor Side

I've been kind of enamored with this idea of slow living. Maybe it's the inching out of the pandemic and life resuming some semblance of what it did before the world forced us to stop. But it also probably comes as no surprise that I am also enamored with beautiful spaces and how they can make you feel.

The choice of our stay in Rhode Island was not an accident. Harbor Side is a 3 bedroom cottage on the Sakonnet River in the small, seaside village of Tiverton. A short drive from famous Newport, it was ideal with its stone lined farms, lobster shacks, and a quiet port for a plethora of sail boats. We landed at the same time that the remnants of Hurricane Ian were making landfall - so the weather was dreary, windy, and cold. A welcome backdrop to our time - as we sorely needed rest.

But Harbor Side welcomed us with the warmth and beauty that the Moore House family is known for. An Australian family who now resides in New England and also houses a design firm in New York and Rhode Island. I found them through a show on Magnolia Network and was drawn to their beautiful aesthetic.

Harbor Side graced simple, clean lines, curated art, and textures that seemed to melt your cares away. A wall full of windows that looked right out onto the Sakonnet River, we spent many hours just sipping our coffee, reading a book, and chatting as time slowly passed by. Restful, peaceful... quite dreamy, actually.

The house inspired me in ways that I didn't expect. There is something about simple design with very intentional thought and curation. Good design in this sense was about creating a space that made the world outside melt away. It beckoned relaxation... and I kicked myself for not bringing my paints or sketch book.

The cottage sits on the water's edge. You can literally hear the water lapping onto the shore beneath you and our entertainment was the plethora of birds as they danced, perched, and hunted for fish. With the weather, water only moved with the tide or wind. All the boats seemed to sleep.

Every room was appointed with simple fresh flowers, chocolates bedside, and a carafe of fresh water ready for sipping. There seemed to be surprises around every corner - a cheese board in the fridge, hot cider steeping on the stove, warm cookies, a baguette, and even a basket for making s'mores for a night in.

The linens and bedding beckoned you - each room with a view worth enjoying. Even the towels were plush and laid out in a way that welcomed you. I had heard they paid attention to all these little touches, but the experience was beyond what I imagined.

Their use of the outdoors in their decor challenged me to remember that art can be found in a myriad of ways - and Mother Nature's design can more than delight. So a branch on a wall felt more like a painting and I found myself studying the movement of each stem.

There was something magical in that space. And it affirmed my belief that good, intentional design can have such a beautiful impact on you. It is good for the soul.


Moore House New English Guest Stays

Harbor Side Cottage

Moore House Design

All photos are my own, For use, please contact me at for permission.

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