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How I've found Facebook Marketplace Finds on the cheap

I've had many of you ask me - how do you find such great finds on Facebook Marketplace. I wish I could say that it was easy, I mean, if you have ever been on the platform you see it can be quite overwhelming. But I have found a few strategies that have worked well for me so I have created this free guide for you.

And if you are curious about some of my finds (you know as proof) see a few examples below:

This whole backyard project was a focus last summer. If you have been following me for any length of time you know that our new home has had quite a few projects and we were ready to take our backyard to the next level.

I found the coffee table on the left off of Facebook Marketplace for just $50. A great, sturdy piece and worked perfectly for our space.

The love seat and two chairs were also off of Facebook - but this was prior to marketplace. A neighbor was selling for a mere $100 - so I grabbed it up fast. We replaced the cushions with some we found on Wayfair (for more than the furniture if I'm honest).

On the right, we had the fire pit but no chairs. Our first year in the house, we would just pull out our camping chairs whenever we wanted to make a bonfire. They were effective but not cute. Not to mention, I really didn't want to have to keep hauling them in and out of the house every time we wanted to make s'mores. So I started on the hunt for Adirondack chairs. Well, if you have shopped for these brand new then you know that these usually run at least $200 a piece. With us needing four chairs - $800 was out of the question at the time. I actually found these for $80 total on FB Marketplace from a neighbor who was moving and needed to get rid of them quickly. What a find!

And if you need further proof, here are few more examples of a few things I've found on Facebook over the years. But I don't want to spill all the beans, so if you are looking to save a few bucks, don't mind buying second-hand, and want to save a few bucks (or a lot)

go download my guide here.

I can't wait to hear about what you find.

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