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I'm tired

Updated: May 15, 2020

Can I get an amen? We are starting our third week of social distancing. I'm bracing myself for at least four more weeks - which right now seems really overwhelming. We have started taking drives and even driving to an area and then taking a walk around - just to change the scenery.

I also find that I am sleepy - a lot. I'm taking Zyrtec daily because the pollen count is so high and it helps me tolerate this season. I refuse to stay inside if I can take a walk or sit on my porch. But, the side effects mean that I'm going to feel groggy. Sleepiness is also a sign of stress and depression - so I'm trying to keep a gauge on this. Some days it is easy to think - I might as well stay in bed - but I'm not quite there yet (but totally get it if you are feeling this way).

I'm also starting to look at the next four weeks and ask myself - what is a goal or something I could start and finish during this time? Maybe "couch to 5k" or a barre class online through the end of the next month. Maybe it is painting or sketching every single day or a book I want to read. The kids made a list of things for us to do over the course of the next month because, well, we need something to look forward to and work towards.

This week, tho, I plan to share an activity the kids thought was fun as well as some plans for the new house we are buying. So... stay tuned as I choose to talk about some other things outside of this darn virus and what it is doing to us.

What are some things you are doing to stay active and/or not go crazy?

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