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In times like these...

It's been a strange few days as we have entered into this season with this virus that seems to be taking over the world. I have felt everything from fear to sadness and straight up confusion. Most of the time my brain has struggled to comprehend what was actually going on around me - almost fighting every notion of what was being presented at me. Could this really be happening?

I have avoided blogging for a while now - mainly because it's pressure - and undue I might add. With a full life, career and honestly projects that I tend to prefer more than writing - I have avoided it. But today, I thought, I need to write. I've been journaling all my highs and lows but there is so much I want to say and there really isn't space within my social feed - nor does it feel like it belongs there - a world that has felt anything but comforting in these recent days.

Some of you may know that I'm currently working on a project that I hope to share here. It's still building and I've struggled to know exactly what it should be. My goal, to write it and see what happens - or at least that is what I promised God and myself I would do.

And so I thought, what if I approach blogging that way too. I'll commit to writing here - with really no strings attached.

You see, that is what happens tho - I add the strings. The strings cause pressure and then... I don't write. I say to myself, "the content should be meaningful, interesting, engaging" and then I get stuck. What if people really don't care about that. So this time around I'm going to be less focused on content and more focused on just sharing what is going on, what I am feeling, and what I am learning in this season. I'm going to show up as me.

Feel free to join me or don't. It's fine. We all have our ways to process and I'm starting to find that writing is one of mine. Thankfully - just in case you are wondering - I don't share everything here (I mean, let's be real, you don't really want to know all the crazy that can be in my brain). But if nothing else, maybe I can put words to what you are feeling and thinking (I've been told God gave me this gift - maybe, all I know is usually what I say is exactly how I feel and a lot of times I'm too naive not to share it).

So here is to rambling about feelings... and meaning... learnings... fear... and anxiety... and beauty... and hope. A whole lotta hope!

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