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interior paint complete

We are almost a week out from our move and it is starting to feel very real. I'm going to be honest with you, I have barely thought about the moving part - mainly because I hate it - but it is also really hard to pack in a 1300 square foot home when we all have to work and do school here. Thankfully, we have some time and our plan is to pack things, drive them over, unpack and do it all over again. We will have movers come get the big stuff and we still have our storage unit - which we will worry about (mostly) later - so my hope, is that it will be easier (famous last words).

I did want to share some photos of the inside since the painter finished up today. You may remember (if you follow me on social) we had a snafu at the start but I'm thrilled with how it turned out. The house is so nice and bright (which is what I was going for).

Some of you may remember this room. The walls were gray, and the trim was both white and in this area it was a dark wood color. You can see a before photo in this post. I really wanted all the trim to look the same. You will also notice that we removed the weird cabinet that was attached in the entryway to the left. It's so interesting to feel the space - it feels wide open.

The living room - which is right off the dining (this is actually the view from there) used to be a green color - which really made the space feel small. The white paint really brightens up this space - looking out to he front porch. My plans are still to paint the fireplace (still thinking same white - but open to suggestions if you have them) but I'll work on that after we move in.

The kick plates on the stairs were black before, the wall next to it green and the neighboring room a brown. You can see some before pictures here. And yes, those are pocket doors peeking out there to the left.

We are still talking about a runner for the stairs. I go back and forth and we won't decide until after we get into the house. We still have some work to do on the stairs. You can see a before image in this post.

The sunlight was very warm when I took this picture - but this room was brown before. It is the future study and sits right next to the living room (see before here). It also neighbors Charlotte's bedroom (which I will share photos of later).

Upstairs our master bath was green above the wainscoting and our room was a butter yellow. We decided to do white on white in both places here as well. The master bath will be updated one day - but I love how bright and airy the space looks now with the lighter paint. Definitely much more cohesive (see before here)..

And if you are wondering what white paint we went with, we chose Polar Bear by Behr. Ceilings and walls are flat and trim is semigloss (all same color). There is just a subtle difference between the two finishes, which is really what I was going for.

I'll share the kitchen, kids' spaces and flex space soon (all of which had the same color application - not all white). Oh, and I'll have to share the laundry/mudroom. It looks so. much. better!!!

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