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New product feature | The Versatile Oversized Turkish Towel

As I thought about products I wanted to offer in my little shop, I wanted to make sure they were beautiful, high quality and something that you would struggle to decide if you wanted to keep for yourself or give to a friend. Those are the best gifts, right? The ones you love so much you don't want to give away.

I found this Turkish towel and I was immediately struck by the quality, colors, and textures. Don't let the the product name fool you. These Oversized Turkish Towels are actually quite versatile. What I love about them - the colors are rich and beautiful. The are minimalist but versatile enough to suit any decor aesthetic. And they feel amazing. Seriously, you immediately want to wrap yourself in them.

They are made from the finest 100% Turkish cotton and are hand dyed to create a unique appearance. And I love the knotted fringe for added texture.

A couple of special details:

- if you use as a towel, they are incredibly absorbent

- they dry quickly which means they will resist growth of mold and mildew (which means they don't have to be washed as often as traditional towels)

- they won't get that damp towel smell (yes, please)

- compact and easy to store

- large enough to fit all body sizes

- can be used as a blanket, scarf, or sarong

- repels sand and grass and are great for traveling (blanket for the plane, scarf for chilly evenings, and towel for the beach)

I love using these as a throw in my living room or guest room. I also love using these with guests. Pair with my bath salts or bar of soap for the perfect welcome for your guests. Honestly, this would make a great gift for a new mom or someone special in your life.

I also chose a variety of colors and designs - the geometric patterns are my favorite and that crimson is just a delicious color.

Gift idea:

Pair with my Oat & Oil Neem Soap or Fizzy Bath Soak

- perfect gift, hostess gift, or to leave out for your guests.

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