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This week has been a myriad of emotions. Friday, my feelings felt raw. I could sense my anxiety like a quiet, rolling boil just waiting to erupt. Saturday, that shifted to optimism. I've wondered why - was it a good night's sleep, the beautiful weather with Spring in full motion, or the fact that I got to visit the home we have under contract? I'm still not sure. I also know that most likely my feelings and emotions will continue along this roller coaster and that is okay - but today, I'm relishing in the optimistic feelings I am having.

I'm hopeful. I keep reminding myself that there will be an end to this. The virus will become a place in our history. The economy will have a resurgence once again. Life will eventually resume to a normal. But that normal should look different and I'm asking myself what that means for me, for us, for the world we create for ourselves.

Seven days of social distancing has started to teach me things. There is a ton of unnecessary in my life and relationships I have grossly neglected. My priorities and focus have been off. Success and busyness mean nothing without the people in your life you care about and my value shouldn't be derived from my place of employment or the things on my to-do list.

And there is magic in small things. What a beautiful gift this image was yesterday! The time I have with my kids and husband. The talks from porch to yard with my neighbors. The hour-long conversation with my mother. It may be hard for some to see these blessings with all the things looming, but I encourage you to stop, turn off the news, take a few deep breaths, and see what God has laid before you. Write what you are grateful for in this moment and dwell on those things.

So... what are you grateful for today?

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