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Ornament Launch

The holidays are always a special time for our family. With teens we no longer get to experience the magic that happens when they were little, but we have shifted to a new magic - the one of experiencing traditions together.

Ornament giving has been a long part of our family traditions. Doug and I both had parents that collected ornaments and then gave them to us when we left home. And now, he and I do the same. It's become a special part of our holiday traditions.

This collection came together with that sentiment in mind - from my gilded ornament above to the new state ornaments I'm offering this year, you are sure to find something special - even meaningful - for yourself or those you love in your life.

You will see a color theme here - metallic golds, emerald green leaves, and in some cases minimal uses of red. I layered more this year and leaned into my obsession with leaves and the line work many of my paintings are known for.

I freehand everything - which means no pattern will be the same. It may sound weird but I allow the process to flow and I'm always excited to see what design emerges. It is one thing that makes each ornament so special. You won't find another one like it.

My run of baubles are very limited this year, so if you love this style, grab them up quickly because I won't be able to restock this kind this year.

The fun of my state collection is that I learned how to use polymer clay. So all those ornaments are handmade and hand-painted by me. This also allowed me to play with the clay - creating an engraved look in the disc above. I took such delight in etching the detail of the leaves into the clay. It turned out beautifully.

And I'm happy to be offering seven states this year (all per your request in a recent poll I did on Instagram). But no fear, if you have a state you are looking for and don't see it, please reach out and we can discuss options.

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