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Photo Scavenger Hunt

This weekend found us scraping for ideas of things to do. My two tweens have been great but they are more than ready to be through this season. They are not unlike us in their need for social interaction.

I've never been one to "entertain" my kids. The jury is still out on whether this is a positive or negative thing, but I personally feel like it builds resiliency and creativity. If I figure everything out for them they fail to learn to use their God-given abilities. So, Saturday Charlotte set out to create a list of things that we could plan and do over the course of the next month. I was proud of her efforts - with the exception of "Parents can't say 'no' day" - clever but no bueno and a game of chubby bunny (don't relish stuffing my mouth to no return games - call me boring - I really don't care).

One activity that Charlotte wanted to do was a "youtube video" type of thing where we all get involved in creating a story and recording it. I didn't think it was a bad idea but wasn't really sure how it would play out. I encouraged the kids to come up with their own story - but for some reason it wasn't as interesting. (Now, I'm wondering if the appeal was the ability to boss their parents around - ha).

So, I adapted this idea into a digital scavenger hunt. The kids enjoyed it and it kept them occupied for almost an hour. They had a competition - and since it resulted in a tie I believe they are planning the tie breaker this coming weekend.

Here is how it worked (if you want to steal the idea for yourself):

Photo scavenger hunt

Rules: Using your phone or a digital camera - you have to take a photo of the following items (I didn't give them a description other than that - so their research and interpretation was in play here). It can’t be a screenshot. You can use google to research an item. You can’t copy each other (same item can be shot but not in the same way - get creative). It must be on our property or in our house. You will be judged on getting the item right and the quality of the shot - so take your time, take several shots if you want to and make an album of all twenty items (the shot you think is the best) at the end (one image per item). This is not about speed but about the photo. Have fun!

Something gold

Palm leaf

Something shiny



Pantry item


Something white

Something black





Stuffed animal




Parked car



My two even got creative in their presentations. One created a photo album the other created a "clips" video with music and titles behind it. My husband and I evaluated each one. It was fun to see what they came up with and it helped pass the time in a creative way. Let me know if you decide to give it a try.

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