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Probably TMI, but some thoughts about Toilet Paper

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We are blessed you know. Our tushies are anyway. We have a plethora of brands of toilet paper that I honestly took for granted until this pandemic hit - and then I was like heck, I'll take anything.

But I may be taking that back - because toilet paper, well, it's not created equal.

Now, I have made it known that I came from a large family and I'm not going to lie, I grew up on the cheap, one-ply crap that you have to buy when there are a lot of butts that need wiping. So when I got married and we had no money I looked at my new husband and said, "I will not be scrimping on toilet paper" and we have been buying Charmin ever since.

But when the shortage happened, we were happy to find any kind of toilet paper on a shelf at the local grocery story that was available (which, ironically was the cheap stuff). We didn't hesitate to grab it because, you know...

And then I had to use it. I had flashbacks to my childhood. Man, that stuff is bad. And I remembered why nearly 18 years ago I fought for the good stuff because this excuse for toilet paper (aka sand paper) sucks.

And now that you have lost all respect for me (or think this quarantine has made me lose my mind - which jury is still out on that) I will have you respect me even less - because now (since I've found the good stuff) we have moved the crappy kind to the kids' restroom. Shhhhh!!! don't tell them.

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