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Product Feature : Glassware & Ceramics

After venturing out at Christmas with offering ornaments I found a love of painting objects. It kind of caught me by surprise, and then I put two and two together. Painting objects allows me to take two passions - surface pattern design and painting and put them all together. Not to mention, When you paint a free-handed pattern you are also figuring it all out as you go along (and I guess I'm kind of a sucker for that sort of thing, cough, cough - my abstract work).

When I randomly found these beautiful rose colored vases and these blank ceramics, I thought, I'm going to give this a shot.

So far customers have shown a love for these items and it means so much to me. They are pretty special - not one exactly alike - the vases are a great size for a simple flower or two by your sink or sitting bedside your bed. The trays come in two sizes - perfect for a vanity or even a guest bath or dresser. I wanted to each piece at a price point that felt very giftable - given alone or paired with something else.

You also may notice some color themes that run throughout this new line - dark greens, soft pinks, and gold to name a few - I tried to have these pieces compliment those color themes.. Hopefully it reminds you of Spring while still being classic enough to last all year.

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