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Product Feature: Healing Soap Bar

Soap sometimes seems an unlikely item to feature, but when it is beautiful and has healing properties, why not? My Oat & Neem Oil Soap is actually fragrance free, but still smells lovely because of it's natural ingredients. I personally love it for it's gentle exfoliation from the bits of oat in the bar and the conditioning nature of the oil.

This soap feels and looks like a piece of art. Made by hand by soap makers in Niverville, Manitoba. It's larger than most bars you can find in the supermarket. Oat and Neem oil are the base ingredients and are a powerhouse of healing properties. Oats have a centuries-old reputation as a beneficial skincare treatment to moisturize and soothe. Neem oil helps fight skin infections and promotes wound healing.

A few additional features of this soap:

- It's free of toxins and unnatural ingredients

- May help with eczema and dry skin conditions

- Environmentally sustainable

- Whole oats are folded into the bar for gentle exfoliation

- Great for body, hand, and face

- Gentle enough for infant and elderly skin

- and the label can be planted and while flowers will grow (so fun, right?)

Consider for your Guest bath or powder room. Pair with one of my Oversized, 100% Turkish Towels for a beautiful gift. Or for something more simple, give with my Fizzy Bath Soak or Natural Soy Candle.

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