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simple and slow in a world spinning with "all the things"

I've talked some here about this whole idea of curating a life that feels a bit more simple and slow here at home. Not always easy as much of the frenzy lives here. My pursuit of defining this for myself doesn't mean that this piece of my life doesn't exist. It does and it does in a big way - that is why figuring this out is so important to me. I'm learning that slow living helps to create balance in a world that can many times feel like it is out of control.

And while I have personally defined simple living (check this blog post), this is still a lofty and beautiful idea. It's not tangible yet. It needs "meat on the bones" - as they say. So what does it mean when I try to put slow living into practice. Where do I start? I thought I'd share some musings from a recent journal entry.

"Life is busy - those quiet, pandemic days are over and the routine has kicked into high gear. I've been pondering this idea around slow, simple living and realize my home and off time is where I can cultivate it most. But what does this mean exactly? I think I'm in the process of defining it and shifting to creating tangible actions.

One way I have asked this question, is do my spaces at home make me feel this sense of slow living? There are spaces that do and spaces that don't. So I asked why these spaces make me feel one way or another. The places in my home that don't, usually feel unfinished, cluttered, or uninspiring. They don't give me a feeling of calm, peace, love.

I have to ask myself how do I want my home and spaces to feel? What's amazing is you can create spaces that feel simple and calming without much effort or cost. Sometimes it is merely cleaning the clutter and only putting out the things I love and cherish or that bring me joy."

"It's not about making my life or even my activities perfect. It's about creating a feeling that fills my cup and gives that same love and beauty to the people around me."

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