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Soul Care Sunday: Episode One - Defining Self Care

Welcome to the first installment of Soul Care Sundays - a series dedicated to all things Soul Care. To learn more about what it is just click here (and scroll to the bottom). And if you don't want to miss an "episode" then be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

Ya'll this is a low res, not fancy, kind of thing so don't be surprised if episodes come to you direct from my phone (like this one). Sometimes the delivery will merely be a blog post, sometimes it will be an audio recording. And other times it will be me on camera from me to you. I'd love to know which format you prefer, but my hope is to keep it short enough for you to turn on, listen to (or read), and receive a little gift a couple of times a month.

So, turn up the volume and give this a listen sometime this week. It's just ten minutes long so should be easy enough to incorporate.

So what are we talking about today: SELF-CARE

  • I'm defining it

  • The pieces that exist within it - did you know that self-care activities are not all the same and serve different purposes? It is made up of lots of different activities like:

- something that you should do because it is good for you (think eating well, hydration,

and even exercise) but it doesn't necessarily bring you joy

- an activity that allows you to check out (be sure to listen for this definition) and take a


- an activity that feeds your soul (which is vastly different than the other two versions of


  • And be sure to listen to the end because you will get to leave with some ideas on Identifying which of these pieces are in your life and how you are using them (or not)

If you are reading along in the book check out chapter 4 (pg. 31) and I've provided the link to the assessment I mention in the video here.

The thing is, a lot of us are doing a lot of good things to care for ourselves, but are we thinking about the quality of them and how they are really serving us? Are you checking out more than you are feeding your soul? Are you checking the box on the list of things you should do because they are good for you - but they feel like a chore? Take a quick listen and share you comments below. I'd love to hear what you discover about your own self-care practices.

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