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Step 2 - Setting Intentions

I dropped info on my gratitude practice here about two weeks ago and then I had my hardest week actually keeping it. Isn't it crazy how life works like that. I missed more days in that week than I have all year. That's what I get for bragging - just kidding.

Today I wanted to talk about the second step in my gratitude practice. Setting an intention. It is actually pretty easy. A word will come to mind either in my reading, prayer or just based on how I am feeling and I will write it down in my gratitude journal. It's interesting how that one word focuses my attention. When I look at this definition it is more like a resolve or a word of significance (from the definition above).

What this word helps me do throughout my day:

- Focus. When things get tough, when that anxiety arises, when I'm feeling frustrated, fatigued or alone it is interesting to see that the word usually almost always applies to my situation.

- It's a great reminder - that God cares enough about me to know what word I need to center me in my day.

- It gives me a word to focus on during my time of meditation (more on that later).

It is such a simple practice - but I'm amazed at how the simplest of things can sometimes have the greatest impact. Do you set intentions and if so, how do you use them?

Be sure to check back as I share more about the last two steps of my daily gratitude practice - goals and prayer. I will also be sharing soon about my kitchen makeover and my recent trip to Charleston (full or recs for your next visit). Oh, and I can't wait to share a few new pieces of work with you.

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