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Step 3 - Goals & Dreams

Ah, step 3. Ya'll, this has been a game-changer for me. You want to know why. I am really good at starting things but not always good at finishing them. This doesn't apply to everything in my life - I mean, my job does pay me to finish things - but when it comes to goals and dreams for myself I usually allow them to get eaten up by all the other things that are required of me.

I'll give you an example. One of the my goals this year is to prioritize my health. I generally do pretty well with my diet but it's exercise where I struggle to maintain consistency. I'll do great - getting in the gym for two weeks straight and then a trip happens, or an illness, or an impromptu meeting at work and I don't get to the gym. Then the next day, it happens again and by the end of the week - well, I might have gotten to the gym twice. I'm discouraged, sometimes disgusted with myself and then I'm like, "why bother?"

Setting this goal has helped me ward off these feelings. It has also helped me take a hard look at HOW I was going to be successful at it (for me, it's having a trainer and a group of us that train together - why, because I don't like to let others down). It requires me to look at my calendar each week, count my macros/calories everyday, and plan consistent workouts even when I'm traveling. Stating this as a goal every day helps remind me to make those things happen.

I have personally chosen to focus on 5 goals/dreams. Some are scary, lofty and others feel more attainable - like practicing gratitude everyday or prioritizing my health. There is something about writing these 5 things down everyday that is honestly quite magical. You know why, I am three months in and I haven't quit. I haven't allowed the other things to get in the way. Writing these things down everyday acts as a great reminder every time I think about not doing it. It reminds me what I set out to do, what I said I wanted to prioritize, and that person I'm striving to be.

And ya'll, it works.

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