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Step 4 - Prayer

So I am not what you would deem as a prayer warrior. It is something that I have struggled with all my life. I really don't know why. I think it is hard for me to be still and I realized years ago that my prayer life is generally a conversation with God throughout my day through my thoughts and experiences instead of a dedicated time. But set prayer time around specific things - I'm just not good at it.

It was probably a month into my gratitude practice when I decided to add this to my list of things I do daily. I was feeling convicted to pray for a lot of things for my kids, my hubby, our marriage, our family, our careers and loved ones who were experiencing life. I also wanted a place where I could record praise for answered prayer. This was important to me because I think it is easy for my prayers to be focused on all the things that are wrong instead of reflecting on the great stuff God does for us.

So, I basically write 5 prayers daily. I still don't spend a ton of time here - but it helps me to recall, take a moment and ask God for direction on specific things in my life (and for others). Here are some of the things I love about it:

- I'm actually doing it - taking a moment and acknowledging and asking for God's power in my life

- I can honestly tell people that I am praying specifically for their need. This may or may not be meaningful to them. I hope it is, but it means a lot to me to be able to say honestly - "I have been praying daily for your x situation."

- I'm able to see God working on my heart and in others lives through the things that I am praying over.

- It forces me to remember my need for God in my life - that so much is not in my control and I can trust Him.

I hope you found these steps helpful. As you can see my gratitude practice is simple and only takes a few moments out of each day. It is one of those things that continually keeps me centered and when I'm not doing it, I can feel it. So if nothing else, I encourage you to just take 30 days and try it. I'd love to hear about your journey. I'm betting it's going to be pretty meaningful one.

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