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Still a work in progress

This week the exterior painters have been at the house and our guy starts on the crawl space tomorrow. There have been quite a few decisions that had to be nailed down and we got into a little pickle (not really) earlier this week trying to decide on direction. Not only did I have to pick a stain color for the deck but I had to figure out the color combos on the porch.

We finally landed on this color scheme but this didn't necessarily help the painters know where these colors were supposed to go. Doug and I debated back and forth about the front elevation so I tried a little experiment. I tried to plug in the colors on an image so we could get a better idea (thank goodness for adobe illustrator).

Did I want to base of the home to be white?

(this is currently how it looks but with cream and black)

Or navy?

Ya'll, this was a bit of a scary decision because you can see it really does change the front look of the house.

So we took a vote amongst all four family members - kids included. It was unanimous and we decided on this...

This was really too hard to explain to the painters - without being there in person so I created this. You might chuckle - but it got me a bit excited. I know it will look different with actual paint and I hope we don't regret this direction - but if you remember our inspiration photo - I think we are going to love it.

What do you think?

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