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the ivy house

When I started my friend Leah's house I wanted to apply the lessons I discovered around scale from my last painting. Initially this was hard because small details get harder as the scale gets smaller but I figured it out and am much happier with the result.

I also realized light colors are hard - they just are. I didn't want this house to be too yellow - because it isn't yellow. It wasn't a bright white and it wasn't an ivory. I'm still working on color mixing and matching (maybe I should take a class).

I also was surprised at how difficult this little "box" elevation actually was. All these boxes are layered on top of each other - which means there is no free placement. Now, I don't "measure" between spaces. I do this on purpose. As you can see - lines are not always straight. I want it to look "imperfect" to some degree. This can be hard for me but I'm really trying to lean into it.

and that ivy... well, it was easier than the tree to the right - ha!

I'm learning a lot doing these little paintings and I'm looking forward to #3. See photos of the original home below and if you are interested in a painting of your home click here.

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