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the yellow house

This is the last one in my series of houses. Thank you so much to the families that were willing to let me experiment with their beautiful homes. These buildings - they are such meaningful spaces and it wasn't lost on me - that these places represent a lot of feelings and many wonderful memories.

I was excited about painting this little yellow house because Nikki, my friend, recently moved into a new home and sold this one. She brought her babies home here and there was just something special about having the opportunity to paint it knowing those memories are so precious.

I also chose it because I knew that the front elevation - with all it's lovely angles - would be a good challenge (and they were). I realized more than ever that a ruler might be nice (which I couldn't find) and the straight edge just wasn't going to cut it. Let's just say, my eraser got a lot of action but overall I was happy with the final result and definitely have learnings to take into the next one.

There was something that happened while painting every single one that I actually found quite lovely - and pretty magical. The first step for me is to sketch. Getting everything just so before I start applying color. I paint the larger areas first and come back later with detail. I have no idea if this is the best process but it has worked for me.

As the colors go on, the house feels a bit lifeless. I went through feelings during this phase each time of - "I'm just not sure this is going to turn out right." I'm seeing my "style" emerge and it is something as an artist I wrestle with - do I like it, does it work and I usually start doubting myself at this point.

And then something magical happens when I add the color to the windows, set the blue sky and paint the greenery in the landscape. The piece comes alive. It's like the painting has a soul. And this got me to thinking. People say all the time that the eyes are a window into a person's soul. The windows of a home seem to do the same - and it can be quite lovely considering the life that has transpired here.

I know I'm getting all artsy and feely on this one - and maybe too far fetched... but their is beauty in that. So if nothing else, I hope each recipient feels that same joy every time they remember the soul of their home.

And for those interested, I'm currently booked with commissions through the first week of June, but if you would like to hold your spot for your own painting learn more here.

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