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to print or not to print

I have so many pretty bouquets that I have enjoyed painting over the course of the last month. They truly have brought me so much joy and I have learned so much in the process. But these pretty pieces need homes so I'm planning a little launch coming very soon.

But first, I need your help! Original works are always more expensive and as I consider pricing for these pieces I have had a few of you reach out to me - interested but with a limited budget. This is where prints allow you the art you want for the price tag that fits your budget. But here is the thing, this costs me a little bit of money to get started which is why I need your help.

I can't decide which of my favorites are worthy of printing and which should just be left as an original. So, I'd love it if you voted on your favorites. It will give me a better idea of which ones may resonate more with customers. Feel free to comment below (or just mention on my social feeds) and stay tuned... I can't wait to share more.

Top left to right

1. Bouquet of Roses

2. Yellow Spring Bouquet

3. Whimsical Spring Bouquet

Bottom left to right

4. Peach florals

5. Cheery bouquet

6. Bouquet of wildflowers

List in order of your top favorites...

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