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using harvest decor - simply

I didn't buy mums this year, or a plethora of pumpkins. No corn stalks or hay bails. I've barely had time and if I'm honest, the thought of going to all the trouble kind of exhausted me. BUT, I do love this season. After visiting our little cottage in Rhode Island (see details here), I was struck with how simply they brought in seasonal decor. It was lovely and refreshing. It didn't feel forced and is something any of us could do without a ton of effort.

As you see here, a couple of gourds casually displayed on a dining room accent table.

Or a few scattered about next to the front door - some even neatly tucked into one of the pots.

A pear and a spring of fall flowers on a cheese board waiting for us in the fridge.

And the smell of hot apple cider steeping on the stove... a reminder that even scent can create the feeling you are going for (it doesn't always have to be decor or accents).

Even a grouping of apples sitting nicely on the counter with a few cinnamon donuts did the trick (looks like we may have tried one... wink, wink).

Honestly, all these things you can pick up on your next grocery run. Do one, or do them all. But it was an excellent reminder that one doesn't have to go all out - and in a season of intentional gratitude less really is more.

Quick Grocery List

- apples

- pears

- squash and squash

- apple cider

- apple cider donuts

- sunflowers

- grab some fall leaves from your yard

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