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watercolor blooms

I've decided to spend more time painting during this quarantine. It's been a nice little creative outlet and it's been good for my soul. I'm a bit obsessed with flowers - which is kind of obvious. I love to photograph them, doodle them and now paint them.

There is no question that I love beautiful things - whether that be in the beauty of nature, a painting or getting to know a beautiful soul. But there is something about flowers

I read this quote by Luther Burbank this weekend. He is a Botanist with American Gardening. He said,

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more hopeful; they are sunshine,

food and medicine for the soul."

It seems fitting that we find ourselves in the height of this pandemic and Spring in full bloom. There is so much about our souls that we seem to ignore. We are forced right now to commune with those closest to us, shelter in place, and isolate. Not to mention the overwhelming fear of the unknown. If you don't believe your soul is weary I'm going to ask you to think again.

But here we are, in the heart of Spring. Nature bursting at it the seams. Showing off its splendor. And I want to invite you for just a moment and stop to ponder the quote above during this incredibly difficult time. Maybe, just maybe, those springtime blooms are a gift from above - they are here to make you feel better, happier and more hopeful. Maybe these flowers at this particular time are food and medicine for your soul. They definitely are for me and I'm so grateful!

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