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We are buying a house...

Yes, in all of this craziness we are buying a house. We went under contract right before the world seemed to fall apart. And I'm not going to lie, we have teetered back and forth with whether we should stay the course or walk away. Through a good bit of prayer and counsel we have decided to move forward. We close next week.

We chose this little bungalow in Candler Park (a small little community that neighbors the one we are currently in). The house was built in the 1920's. The current sellers built out the attic in the 90's but thankfully kept a lot of the original details.

Many have asked, "so you decided to stay?" Yes, we did. But I think we already knew that we wanted to. We started this as an experiment - moving to the city last fall - but it didn't take us long to learn that if we could figure it out we weren't going anywhere.

Also, the kids love it. They want to stay put - and I can't blame them. They have built friendships, love their schools and continued to tell us they wanted to stay in their school district (even though they won't go back this school year - thanks Carona). Next year they will both be at Howard Middle and Grady for High.

I plan to share more photos tomorrow - so be sure to stop back by. Oh, and later this week I need some help with external paint colors. So if you enjoy that sort of thing, I welcome your thoughts/opinions.

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