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Unlock the Power to Feed Your Soul is my first book. Centered in a concept I call "soul care" the book is designed to inspire and ignite your own passions around what this could mean for you. I share my vulnerable journey and how it changed my outlook on life. While not a "how to," the book will give you:

- inspiration from other women's stories (because guess what, what feeds us is not the same)

- tools and assessments to help you along the way

- ways to find your own form of soul care

- what can get in the way

- and pratical tips for making this revolutionary practice more part of your routine.


Each book is individually printed and shipped directly from our distributor. Please allow 5-7 business days for production of your book with 5-7 business days for shipping (times can vary based on location). 


Books are paperback and measure 6"x9" with a soft cover.


Praise for Unlock the Power to Feed Your Soul


“I so needed to read this book.

The fresh perspective on self-care

opened my eyes to a deeper way

to connect with myself and get

some much-needed rejuvenation.”



"I loved the book!

I loved the subject and

the concept of feeding my soul.

Alison presents a very real honesty

in her journey which inspired me.

This is a very on-point message for me

at this season of my life."



“Fantastic! I. couldn’t. stop. reading!!

This book is brilliant. It’s the book

I needed at 40 and eventually

figured it out by the time was 50.

I loved it!”

Dee Ann



Unlock the Power to Feed Your Soul