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What if I could tell you that finding happiness, contentment, and joy daily is easier than you think? Sometimes it's just setting the right things in motion and this workshop can help you do just that. It's the kind of thing that requires minimal effort but can give you maximum rewards and it's FREE. 

Are you looking out there in your bright future believing that happiness and contentment will eventually come? If happiness is out there then how can it be right here? Maybe it's time to flip that narrative on it's head!

This valuable course is offered only a few times a year. Created with the desire to live each day more in the present and with a positive outlook on the many blessings bestowed upon us each day. It is perfect for the person who is:

  • weary and struggling with feeling motivation and gratitude

  • someone looking for a reset emotionally or spiritually

  • a person working towards living more in the present vs the past or future

  • someone who desires to live more meaningfully everyday and find more contentment in their lives


What the course includes:

  • Four lessons – delivered via email in your first four days of the workshop

  • A beautiful digital workbook (with the above lessons included)

  • A lovely, daily email to not only remind you, but to inspire you to see those beautiful gifts - and put those lessons into practice (accountability never felt so good)



My February class has closed. To be notified when the next workshop is scheduled please sign up at the link below.


FREE - all you have to do is sign up below.

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