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"Beauty scatters the seeds of hope in us"
Sister Joan Chittister

“Creative” is a word I have used to describe myself for most of my life, but I refer to myself as an accidental artist. Mainly because, well, I am not classically trained, and I happened upon my love for painting just two years ago.


I’m not going to lie, for a long time I knew this about myself - that I was creative, even artistic - but I resisted it. I don’t think I believed I deserved the title – to call myself a “creative” or an “artist.” But then I realized, I didn’t need anyone to give me permission to call myself what I innately knew about who I was. When you are wired to do something, when you are created to be something it is important to own it. So, I am.








Isn’t this a beautiful quote? I’ve long wondered why it resonates with me so. I finally resigned myself to the fact that I am a seeker of beauty and not necessarily in the material sense. I know that beauty sparks hope, rest, and can inspire us to be better, do more, live life to the fullest. Connecting to beauty in nature, art and music – they can fuel the soul. 

The great thing about beauty is that it really is in the eye the beholder – so the way it inspires and ignites us is different for every person.


What all this really boils down to is the heart of my why or my being – it is to foster a beautiful and meaningful life and help others do the same.  I actually think this looks very different than the lies consumerism teaches us or the belief systems we have around career, passion, success and even our gender.

And so, if you want to know something about me, you should know that I believe I have been put here to stimulate this very thought – that life, relationships, and the worlds we create for ourselves can be incredibly beautiful and meaningful regardless of our circumstances. We just have to know how to see and practice it. And that’s my purpose to see beauty, foster hope, and live a meaningful and abundant life that brings contentment and the ability to live in the now. I don't just want to live this way, but I want to help others discover this for themselves as well.





It started out as being a way to express myself. I’m an entrepreneur at heart so I immediately started selling what I would create – but no one was buying. This threw me into a bit of a spiral and self-doubt. What if I wasn’t really any good? So I stopped painting for a while and that didn’t bode well.


My art is now one of the ways I feed my soul. Discovering this allowed me to shift my focus. Painting no longer became about others loving what I created and it evolved into a practice that really is for me - to refresh, restore, ignite gratitude and foster joy. Right now, I offer my creations merely because I have them to offer – and if you love something – I hope you will grab it for yourself and experience as much joy from it as I did in creating it. 




I’m a incredibly connected person – this means the way I look at things is like a huge spider web connecting the dots between this and that – so generally my artistic practices connect to something life is teaching me, my relationship with God or the way I am serving others. I’m a storyteller by nature and my writing serves as part of my why. It’s a vehicle – what I use to connect my art and creativity with helping others.





I am first and foremost a wife and mother. I’ve been married to my husband, Doug, for nearly 18 years and we met in the most unlikely of places and circumstances – in the Denver International Airport. We were both on our way to a summer job at a working dude ranch (coolest story ever). We couldn’t be more opposite but somehow we have made it work. It helps that we like each other. ;)


I have two kiddos, my daughter, Charlotte, and son, Douglass. Being a mom was always the desire of my heart and it has been the most wonderful and one of the hardest roles of my life (but I can’t imagine it any other way).


And my day to day – when I’m not doing the mom/wife/artist thing - I earn my living as a marketing professional serving one of my most favorite brands. I get to use my creativity to consult, problem-solve and help create solutions for the people I serve. 

"the heart of my why or my being – it is to foster a beautiful and meaningful life and help others do the same."