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"Beauty scatters the seeds of hope in us"
Sister Joan Chittister

I kind of consider myself a Jack of all trades. I've always been wrapped up in some kind of creative endeavor. Even at a young age I was making coin barrettes with my glue gun and selling flowers to my neighbors. It shouldn't have come as a surprise as I got older that I found myself lost without something to make. But as I've aged and grown my craft, I've learned that my creativity is steeped in something much deeper. 


I started painting only a few years ago - and while I have been creating most of my life I've never found anything that brought me so much joy. There is something so soothing about the feel of the paint brush across a surface. From here my work has expanded. As a self-taught graphic designer I began to learn how to turn my paintings into patterns that I could use in a lot of different applications. And with a natural knack and love of home decor, I get asked often to help others design their own spaces.


My professional career took me in another direction. Working for a large brand I landed in roles like communications, brand strategy, and marketing consultingI And my knowledge grew around good design and solid strategy that informs a brand's direction.


To be honest, all these pieces were enough to confuse me. A whole lot of stuff, but nothing grounded enough to be a focus for my own brand. And I've dabbled throughout the years really trying to define what it is I have to offer. So I decided to ask myself, what was it that I wanted to do. The answer came easy. I want to create spaces that make people feel at home, cared for, even special. 


All these things kind of set in motion this idea of curated spaces - whether that be here on my site or out there in the world and my desire is to extend that to you. I do believe in this idea that if we are seeking the beautiful in our today, it can foster hope, and this in turn can allow us to live meaningfully. This is the essence of my creativity and what I try to offer here either in the art I create, the products I curate, or the spaces and activities I design.

You will find a focus here on home and self with an emphasis on restoration, calm, and simple but beautiful things. I believe our homes serve a valuable space in our lives. We spend so much of our time in them and it should be a place of comfort, a haven, a place to restore one's soul. 

My aesthetic is neutral, bright, and I love natural light. I believe that the right pop of color, pattern, or texture can define a space and that lighting can be a room's greatest accessory (like a good pair of shoes). Art in your home should feel personal and have meaning - and it is one of the reasons you will find various art pieces here. And lastly, your personal spaces should allow you to live your most comfortable and joyful days.

While I have pieces and products that are offered year-round, I focus on two launches a year. One in the Spring and one in late Fall right before the holidays. These launches provide you with an eclectic grouping of my own art and beautiful things I have sourced to compliment what I have to offer. And you will always find that they are centered around you, your home, and a way to live meaningfully. 

In my personal life, I try to live out what I share here. My art is more than a passion, it feeds my soul. You can learn about that and how I believe this principle can vastly improve your life in my book "Unlock the Power to Feed Your Soul." 


On a more personal note, I've been married to my husband, Doug, for 20 years. The two of us could not be more different and he keeps me grounded and practical. I'm blessed to be called "mom" by two teens, Charlotte and Douglass, and our red golden doodle, Maggie. We live on the Eastside of Atlanta, Georgia in our 100-year old bungalow with large southern porches, and leaded glass windows. When I'm not creating (or working) we love walking all the fabulous parks, eating our way through the city, and enjoying a cocktail with friends and family on our front porch.

I want to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world. You can spend your valuable time and resources anywhere and I'm grateful you decided to spend a few moments here. If you like something you see or read, please reach out, and I'm always open to new ideas.

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